Boeing 737 – 6/7/8/900 General Familiarisation



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The Boeing 737-6/7/8/900 with CFM56 powerplant General Familiarisation course meets EASA’s knowledge LEVEL 1 definition as contained in Regulation EU No. 1321/2014 ANNEX III, Part 66, Appendix I Basic Knowledge Requirements;

‘A familiarisation with the principal elements of the subject, with the objective;

(a) The applicant should be familiar with the basic elements of the subject.

(b) The applicant should be able to give a simple description of the whole subject, using common words and examples.

(c) The applicant should be able to use typical terms’

The course has been designed to give you a complete technical overview of all aircraft systems. The course covers all mechanical and avionics systems, with a quiz at the end of each ATA chapter. On successful completion you will be able to download your serial numbered certificate.


Our courses scale perfectly to PC, Laptop, tablet, android and iPhone. You must have an internet connection to use our courses.


Course completion time varies with the individual; however, we estimate approximately 36 hours will be required. You have 3 months to complete the course and can stop and restart at the same position with your progress saved.


Should you require any assistance during your course, please contact us and we will assist you during normal working hours.


Our online General Familiarisation courses provide an excellent solution to training engineers or company support staff to A licence standard, giving the required in-depth aircraft type knowledge with the advantage of distance learning.


General Familiarisation courses are not covered under EASA Part 147 and as such, no training company can issue a Part 147 certificate for them. EASA Part 66.A.45 ‘Endorsement with aircraft ratings’ states;

(a) For category A, no rating is required, subject to compliance with the requirements of point 145.A.35 of Annex II (Part-145).

Part 145.A.35 Certifying staff and support staff

(a) …the organisation shall ensure that certifying staff and support staff have an adequate understanding of the relevant aircraft and/or components to be maintained…

This is the purpose of the Trans Global Training general familiarisation course; to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the relevant aircraft and can be issued with ‘A’ licence Certificate of Release to Service, or are able to fulfil your duties as airline technical support staff.


Our General Familiarisation courses are designed and produced by B1/B2 Engineers, Type instructors and Part 147 Training Managers. We ensure each course covers all relevant ATA chapters.



The B737 NG series refresher and continuation course begins with an aircraft type introduction, then covers each ATA chapter to approximately Part 66 Level 1;

ATA 00 -12 – Lifting and Shoring, Levelling and Weighing, Towing and Taxiing, Parking Mooring, Servicing

ATA 21 AIR CONDITIONING – Air Conditioning, Distribution, Flight Compartment Air Distribution, Passenger Cabin Conditioned Air, Recirculation System, Ventilation System, Equipment Cooling System, Pressurization Control, Heating, Cooling, Temperature Control, Ozone Control, Humidity Control

ATA 22 AUTO FLIGHT – Digital Flight Control System, Yaw Damper System,  Autothrottle System

ATA 23 COMMUNICATIONS – Speech Communication, HF Communication System, VHF Communication System, Emergency Locator Transmitter, Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), SELCAL System, Passenger Address System, Passenger Entertainment System, Cabin Video Information System, Service Interphone System, Flight and Ground Crew Call System, Flight Interphone System, Static Discharger, Voice Recorder System, Cockpit Door Surveillance System, Flight Compartment PC Power

ATA 24 ELECTRICAL POWER – Electrical Power, Generator Drive, AC Generation System, DC Generation, DC Generation System, Standby Power System, External Power, AC Electrical Load Distribution

ATA 25 EQUIPMENT/FURNISHINGS – Cabin Accommodations, Flight Compartment, Flight Compartment Equipment, Passenger Compartment, Seats – Passenger, Service Units, Galleys, Lavatories, Lavatory Area, Electronic Compartment, Cargo Compartments, Sliding Carpet Cargo Loading System, Emergency

ATA 26 FIRE PROTECTION – Fire Protection – General, Engine Fire Detection, Lavatory Smoke Detection, APU Fire Detection System, Lower Cargo Compartment Smoke Detection, Wheel Weil Overheat Detection System, Wing and Lower Aft Body Overheat Detection System, Engine Fire Extinguishing, APU Fire Extinguishing System, Lower Cargo Compartment Fire Extinguishing, Lavatory Fire Extinguishing System, Portable Fire Extinguishing

ATA 27 FLIGHT CONTROLS – Flight Controls Multiple Use Systems/Units, Aileron and Aileron Trim Control System, Rudder and Rudder Trim Control, System, Wheel to Rudder lnterconnect System, Elevator and Tab Control System, Stall Warning System, Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Control System, Trailing Edge Flap System, Trailing Edge Flap Position lndication System, Flap Skew Detection System, Flight Spoiler Control System, Speedbrake Control System, leading Edge Flap and Slat Control System, leading Edge Autostat System, leading Edge Flap and Slat Position lndicating System

ATA 28 FUEL – Fuel System, Fuel Storage, Pressure Refuelling System, Engine Fuel Feed System, APU Fuel Feed, Defuel, Fuel lndicating, Fuel Temperature lndicating System, Fuel Measuring Stick

ATA 29 HYDRAULIC POWER – Hydraulic Power, Hydraulic Reservoir Pressurization System, Main Hydraulic Systems, Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems, Standby Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Power Transfer Unit, Hydraulic lndicating Systems

ATA 30 ICE AND RAIN PROTECTION – Ice and Rain Protection Systems, Wing Thermal Anti-lce System, lnlet Cowl Anti-lcing System, Pitot Static Probe and Alpha Vane Heat, Control Cabin Window Anti-Icing System, Windshield Wiper System, Rain Repellent System, Water and Toilet Drain Anti-Icing System

ATA 31 FLIGHT DATA RECORDER SYSTEM – Clocks, Flight Data Recorder System, Printing System, Aural Warning System, Master Caution, Takeoff/Landing Warning, Common Display System

ATA 32 LANDING GEAR – Landing Gear Safety Sensors, Main Gear,  Nose aanding Gear, Nose Gear Doors, Landing Gear Control System, Main Gear Extension and Retraction, Nose Gear Extension And Retraction, Main Gear Manual Extension System, Nose Gear Manual Extension System, Wheels and Brakes, Hydraulic Brake System, Antiskid System, Automatic Braking System, Parking Brake System, Tires and Wheels, Nose Wheel Steering System, Landing Gear Position Indicating And Warning System, Tail Skid

ATA 33 LIGHTS – Flight Compartment Lighting, Master Warning and Caution Lights, Passenger Compartment Lighting, Passenger Compartment Lights, Reading Lights, Passenger Signs, Call Lights, Lavatory Lights, Galley Lights, Cargo and Service Compartment Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Wing Scanning Lights, Landing, Runway Turnoff and Nose Gear Taxi Lights, Steady Position (Navigation) Lights, Anticollision Lights, Strobe Position Lights, Logo Lights, Emergency Lights

ATA 34 NAVIGATION SYSTEMS – Pitot-Static System, Air Data System, Mach Airspeed Warning System, Altitude Alerting System, Electronic Flight Instrument System, Magnetic Standby Compass, Standby Horizon System, Inertial Reference System, Instrument Comparator System, VOR/ILS Navigation System, Marker Beacon System, Weather Radar System, GPWS, TCAS, Low Range Radio Altimeter System, ATC System, DME System, Automatic Direction Finder System, Global Positioning System, Flight Management Computer System

ATA 35 OXYGEN SYSTEMS – Flight Crew Oxygen System, Passenger Oxygen System, Portable Oxygen Equipment

ATA 36 PNEUMATIC SYSTEM – Engine Bleed Air, Bleed Air, Ducts, Duct Pressure

ATA 36 WATERAND WASTE – Potable Water System, Waste Water System, Toilet System, Water Tank Pressurization System

ATA 49 AIRBORNE AUXILLIARY POWER, APU Power Plant, Shroud, Mounts, Air Inlet, Shroud Drains, Engine, Fuel System, Ignition and Start System, Cooling Air System, Bleed Air System, Controls, Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicating System, Indicating System, Exhaust System, Lubrication System, Oil Indicating System

ATA 52 DOORS – Main Entry Doors, Forward Entry Door, Aft Entry Door, Emergency Exits, Emergency Exit Hatch, Cargo Compartment Doors, Galley Service Doors, Access Doors, Miscellaneous Exterior Service Doors, Fixed Interior, Control Cabin Door, Forward Airstair and Door, Door Warning System

ATA 71 POWERPLANT – Engine, Engine Fuel and Control, Ignition, Air, Engine Controls, Engine Indicating, Exhaust, Oil, Starting